Federal Bail Bonds

A Pacheco Bonding handles a variety of bail bonds, including local, state, and federal bonds. We can help you understand the type of bail bond needed for your situation and how the process will work as well as what you can expect once your loved one has gotten out of jail. Answering your questions is an important part of our service and one of the ways we strive to provide our clients with greater peace of mind.

What is a Federal Bail Bond?

The type of charge made against someone determines what court will try the case. This also affects the type of bail bond needed to get the accused out of jail. People arrested on federal criminal charges will be tried in federal district court and will need a federal bail bond.

What to Expect?federal bonds

The primary difference between a federal and state bail bond is cost. Federal offenses tend to be more serious and thus may have a higher bail. Depending on the crime, federal bail can be set at hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more.

This means greater complexity and risk for a bail bondsman, which is why some agencies offer federal bonds at a 15% fee rather than the standard 10% fee for state and local bonds. It’s also why a bail bondsman may require collateral or other special considerations.

Every case is different, and it’s important to understand what to expect in your individual circumstances. If a loved one has been accused of a federal crime, contact A Pacheco Bonding today to learn more about your bail bonding options and how we can make the process as affordable and pain-free as possible.

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